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Growing pains - How fast can your business afford to grow?

Many of the clients that we work with wish to grow their business. Growing a business although very desirable can also place a large amount of pressure on the financial resources.

Your affordable growth rate assumes that you can only grow as fast as your assets do. 

To fund a business’s growth a certain amount of assets are required. That is a certain level of receivables, inventory, WIP, fixed assets are required for each dollar of sales generated.

The formula for affordable growth is:

(Net Profit – Dividends) / Tangible Equity.

For example, last year your business achieved the following results:

Net Profit of $500,000 

Pays dividends of $100,000

Has a Tangible Equity Position of $2,000,000

The Affordable Growth Rate is 20%

If the business wishes to grow any faster the it will need to issue more shares / units.

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